1. Adult supervision around the bouncer
    2. No rough play inside the bouncer
    3. Similar age users in the bouncer
    4. Public Liability Insurance in the bouncer
    5. Weather Restriction in the bouncer
    6. No eating and drinking in the jumping house
    7. No sharp or fragile objects in the jumping house
    8. No shoes allowed in the jumping house
    9. No rough games in the jumping house
    10. Respect the age range indicated in the jumping house
    11. Respect the maximum weight indicated in the jumping house
    12. Respect the maximum occupancy in the jumping house
    13. Keep hands away from netting in the jumping house
    14. Do not bounce against the sides or near the doorway of the jumping house
    15. Exit immediately if the jumping house begins to lose air
    16. Do not allow anyone to climb or hand on the outside wall
    17. No smoking or flame next to the jumping house
    18. Do not use bouncy castle in rain (unless marked on the unit « may be used wet »), strong wind (15mph) or extreme weather
    19. Adult supervision during set-up and take down of the bouncy castle is required
    20. Place bouncy castle on dry, even ground free from any sharp object
    21. Do not place the bouncy castle near potential fire hazard area
    22. Keep the blower away from water source in dry location while in use
    23. Keep the blower away from kids while it’s operating
    24. Adequate and continuous electrical supply for the air-blower shall be provided
    25. The bouncy castle’s anchorage points have to be secured.