Thanks for choosing Happy Bouncy Castle! Upon delivery (or collection for Self Collection mode), you will required to read and sign with the following Terms & Conditions and the Disclaimer:




Booking is made online on the website / via phone / via email. We will request a security deposit if you opt for self-collection or if for delivery only (installation and tear-down by yourself).


A 3 day-notice is required to cancel a booking. Else the security deposit will not be refunded.

Payment Terms

We gladly accept credit cards for booking online.

If the customer chooses to pay cash or cheque, he/she can make the payment upon arrival of our installation/delivery team or if you opt for self-collection - upon collection.

Delivery Modes

  • For Full Delivery & Setup Mode
    • Fixed rate of SGD 100 for a round trip
    • Happy Bouncy Castle takes care of everything: delivery, installation and collection:

  • For Delivery Only Mode
    • Fixed rate of SGD 30 for a round trip
    • Happy Bouncy Castle takes care of the transport only
    • The set-up & tear-down of the inflatable is the customer’s responsibility (deflation and packing)
    • If extra man power is required by the customer on the location, the customer will be charged of SGD 25 for set-up or 50 for set-up and tear down.

  • For Self-Collection
    • Free of charge: the customer is responsible of the collection, installation and must return the items (bouncy castle + blower + installation kit). 
    • Customer collects the items up to 2 hours before the start of the hire from our office at Aljunied Industrial Complex (#05-06, 625 Aljunied Road, Aljunied Industrial Complex,  389836 SINGAPORE). Make sure that the entire equipment can fit into your vehicle. Two people minimum are usually required to carry one castle.
    • The set-up & tear-down (deflation and packing) of the inflatable is the customer’s responsibility.
    • The inflatable and its installation kit must be returned up to an hour after the end of the rental.

Losses & Damages

Please follow carefully the rules:

  1. Every castle must be sited on a flat level surface, at least two meters from any obstacle. A ground sheet must be laid down first to prevent discoloration, scuffing, tearing or wearing out the base material.
  2. No food or drinks are allowed on or near the inflatable. This will avoid risks of chocking and damage: please note if the inflatable is collected in a dirty condition or damaged then the person hiring it will incur a cleaning (SGD 40) and, or repairing charge.

Safety Rules

Please refer to the Supervision Rules document provided along with the items on delivery day: you will find a list of rules for the safety of everyone. In the meantime, you may refer to the Safety page of our website.


The customer is fully responsible for the inflatables and other accessories and the persons using the jumping castles.


By signing this disclaimer, I authorize Fu Luxe Pte Ltd. To use my company logo on and its Facebook page.




The following contract and its terms will set forth and agreement between Happy Bouncy Castle sold under Fu Luxe Pte. Ltd. (provider) and .....................................................(customer) for a bouncy castle service for an event taking place on .................................................... (date) at ……………………………………………………………. (location). This written contract sets forth the full, written intention of both parties and supersedes all other written and/or oral agreement between the parties.

I, ………………………………………………………………, hereby accept that during the period of the hiring, I will be responsible for the supervision of the equipment, its care, safety from damage however slight of any sort, and the behavior of all persons of all ages using the equipment. I shall not use the equipment for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement. I shall not use the equipment or allow the equipment to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.

Given that the equipment is used in accordance with the above guidelines and conditions of hire, those using the inflatable should do so safely. However, accidents can happen, Happy Bouncy Castle under Fu Luxe Pte. Ldt. cannot accept liability for injuries sustained or any other loss, howsoever caused, in the absence of the negligence of Happy Bouncy Castle or its contractors.  As the equipment will be in the hirer’s possession and control whilst in use rather than Happy Bouncy Castle, any liability for injuries or other losses caused other than in the circumstances described above rests with the hirer. Anyone using the bouncy castle is doing so at his own risk no matter how the set-up of the bouncy castle is done.  

I hereby accept and agree to all the terms and conditions of hire. I have read the above agreement and fully understand and accept the conditions as above. I am aware that whilst in my care I am fully responsible for inflatable and any accidents happening. I agree to be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur.



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